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5 Common Problems With RVs, and What to Do About Them

Jan 26, 2021 | RV Maintenance

Before things start heating up again and we head into the warmer months, is your RV ready for travel? In today’s post, we will be discussing the five most common problems that RV owners face and how they can be fixed. If your RV needs a little love and care before you use it for travel, be sure to schedule an appointment with KA RV REPAIR so that our certified technicians can fully inspect the vehicle and make sure it’s vacation-ready.


1. Water Intrusion

One of the most common problems that RV owners face as their vehicles get older is water leaking and intrusion. Usually, water leaks are caused by damage to the exterior or interior of the vehicle. Water can seep in through cracks or holes in the housing, the roof, the windows, the door, or really just about anywhere — no matter how big or small the opening is. If you notice a water leak or water intrusion in your RV, it’s time to schedule an appointment for an RV exterior and interior inspection to determine where the source of the leak is and have it repaired before you travel.


2. Appliance Operation

RVs are meant to essentially be a mini home on wheels and most RVs feature a kitchen or kitchenette of some form. That being said, many RVs have a fridge, stove, microwave, and/or other appliances, that over time, may fail to operate as intended. If you have an appliance in your RV that isn’t working as it used to, schedule an appointment for an RV exterior and interior inspection to determine what the issue is and have it repaired. Additionally, making upgrades to your RV’s appliances is a great option as well. There are many different styles and brands of appliances that can be fitted to your RV to improve your quality of life and potentially save you money on energy costs.


3. Power Management Issues

RVs have a ton of electrical parts to them. From dozens of lights to bathroom fans, power outlets for electronics to electric-powered awnings, you definitely don’t want to be caught with a power management issue in your RV. If you notice any problems with your RV’s power or electrical systems, schedule an appointment for an inspection as soon as you can. In an RV 45-point inspection, your certified technician will perform electrical diagnostic services and will then be able to resolve any power issues that are present.


4. AC Not Cooling

We all know that dreaded feeling in the summer where you’re cruising down the road in your vehicle but you’re miserable because your AC is just not working. And when it’s an RV, it can be even more miserable because heat can get trapped inside the vehicle like no other. Plus, when you’re trying to enjoy your leisure time while the RV is parked, wouldn’t it be nice to actually cool down when you go inside the camper? If your AC is not cooling in your RV, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a chassis inspection. A technician will inspect any HVAC systems within your RV during a chassis inspection and determine the best methods for repairing or replacing your AC unit that isn’t cooling.


5. Excessive Tire Wear

There’s a good chance you have a lot of miles on your RV, and well, that’s okay because RVs are meant to be driven cross-country for many vacations. But, when was the last time you had your tires and their tread checked out? Potentially, your RV could have excessive tire wear, which for any vehicle, is dangerous — especially when driving on not-so-smooth surfaces such as snow, ice, dirt, or gravel. If you notice that your RV’s tires are looking a little too smooth, it’s time to schedule an inspection for your RV’s chassis. During a chassis inspection, the technician will take a look at your RV’s brakes and tires and advise whether if they need replacing or not, for your safety.


Schedule an Inspection at KA RV REPAIR in DeBary

Have you noticed any of these 5 common RV problems with your vehicle? If so, then it is time to call Florida’s one-stop RV shop — KA RV REPAIR! At KA RV, we have a full-service repair shop dedicated to RVs, Airstreams, and camper vans. We offer a variety of RV inspections, depending on the issues that are present. Our professional, certified technicians perform chassis inspections, exterior and interior inspections, and 45-point inspections. Following an inspection, we offer RV repair and maintenance services to fix any of the issues that we find in your RV. Additionally, we also have a full-service collision center as well as a used RV showroom. Ready for your RV inspection. Call KA RV REPAIR today to schedule your inspection appointment!