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How To Disinfect, And Clean Your RV


  • How To Disinfect your RV’s Exterior
  • Disinfecting Your Freshwater Tanks
  • Cleaning & Organizing The Inside of My RV
  • Cleaning Window Screens 
  • Cleaning RV Appliances
  • Sweeping & Mopping Your RV Floor

It’s a beautiful day outside, and you’re ready to hit the open road! Before you do, take a few minutes to clean your RV. There are a lot of things that can happen on those long trips, and it is important to be prepared for them. A few simple steps will have your RV looking as good as new in no time at all! take a quick five minutes of your day and learn how you can keep your RV in tip-top shape every time you go out in a trip.

Let’s list a few of the steps of cleaning your RV. Sanitizing your hot water system, cleaning your fridge, cleaning all surfaces and fixtures, air vents and filters, windows and window screens, sweep & mop floors, the exterior and so many more things to clean. So yes cleaning and disinfecting your RV can be overwhelming and taxing if you don’t have a good system to carry you through the process. That’s why in this blog post we want to give you a starting point for your RV care needs. If that isn’t enough or you would prefer someone else to clean & disinfect your RV then we can do it for you so just give us a call at (407) 773-2793

Cleaning Your RV Exterior

We recommend finding a weekend to spend a few hours on your RV right before your trip starts. Get your cleaning supplies before you start any cleaning process. We recommend bringing in your disinfectant spray, rag(s), broom, and a hose for water. First start by cleaning your awning carefully and wet it down with water to clear it from outside dirt, then work your way down from windows to the wheels.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your RV

Simpler said than done! The inside of an RV contain multiple appliances and fixtures so cleaning every inch of the inside of your RV can be complicated. That’s why KA RV Repair & Collision is here to assist in any way possible so don’t forget we can do all of these tasks for you. If you’re determined to clean it your self then here are our best recommendations:

  1. Air vents & filters 
  2. Ceiling 
  3. Appliances
  4. Shelving
  5. Windows
  6. Fixtures
  7. Floor

Disinfecting Your Freshwater Tanks

When it comes to freshwater tanks, good flushing can make a significant difference, especially if your RV is only used rarely. To begin, open the valve to allow your tank to empty onto the ground. Then, run a clean hose from one end to the other and let it drain out the other side.

Is There Any Other Cleaning Procedures You Would Like To See In This Blog Post?

If you are looking for RV sanitation and disinfection services, KA RV is here to help. We provide a variety of RV cleaning options from rinsing your tanks to sanitizing the inside of your fridge with our special freshwater tank sanitizer. Let us know if we can be of assistance in any way possible or answer any questions about what other RV sanitation and disinfection services we offer!