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Always travel with a purpose

If you are looking for travel destinations to visit next year, here is a shortlist of places that you might want to consider. At KA RV Repair & Collision Center we have heard from our clients & also from our personal travels what the best options for you to travel next year.

1) The Badlands National Park: This national park is located in South Dakota and contains some of the most scenic landscapes in North America. It has been called “a land where time stood still.” You’ll need to drive 1,050 miles from home before reaching this destination! There’s a variety of terrains including grasslands, buttes, steep-walled canyons, pinnacles, and more!

2) Antelope Canyon: If waterfalls and streams are your favorite things about nature, then you’ll enjoy visiting Antelope Canyon. It’s a slot canyon on Navajo land and is open to the public year-round with an entrance fee of $25 per person no matter what age.

3) Zion National Park: Zion is a huge park located in the southwestern United States. It’s known for its steep red cliffs, canyons, and narrows. The park sees around four million visitors each year!

4) Hilton head Motorcoach resort in South Carolina is a quick destination to go for us fellow Floridians. known for being a luxury destination filled with any amenities possible to an RV enthusiast. Enjoy scenic lakefront sites, private shaded forest sites, & clubhouse sites that will keep you entertained during your whole stay. Just one mile away from the Atlantic beaches, making Hilton head motorcoach a destination to enjoy.

5) If you are a person who loves the swamps or is interested in experiencing Florida’s swampy culture then check out Wekiva Fall’s RV resort their RV parks have plenty of amenities to make sure your stay is perfectly comfortable making your camping a breeze.

There are plenty of other great destinations to visit next year in your RV, but this list should get you started planning your travels. Happy trails!