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Airstreams are timeless pieces of history that still live on today in RV communities. Your beautiful, shiny metal travel box is a statement to the rest of the world. Airstream RVs have such a unique look which, as an owner you know, must be preserved through maintenance to prevent repairs. It’s not always easy finding out how to properly take care of your Airstream motorhome, especially with it being such a unique vehicle.

Worry no more! We’ve got you covered on what you need to be doing to keep your Airstream in great condition! The goal is prevent the need for repairs but repairs will be needed. So let’s talk about how to prevent the need for repairs and what to do when you need Airstream repairs.

Preventing Repairs Through Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to washing your Airstream, if you have one that has been made in the past 40 years, you can take it to any car wash no worries. This is because the aluminum bodies have a clear coat covering the aluminum.

You do need to be careful, especially if you are a frequent traveler, as you should be washing your Airstream after each trip. Frequent washing, while very necessary especially to prevent corrosion, needs to be done with care. If you are not careful, tiny scratches can form in the clear coat. To prevent this issue make sure to gently scrub your Airstream with a soft material and wash out your cleaning device after each use! Don’t scrub tree sap or squashed bugs but rather get a dedicated remover for this, it’s worth the investment!

Remember to wax after a wash with any natural or synthetic vehicle wax. Most wax  is safe to use on Airstreams as long as they are safe to use on clear coats.

Preventing Repairs Through Interior Cleaning

The more you maintain, the less you have to repair! With that mentality in mind, cleaning your Airstream’s interior is crucial. Just as you wash the exterior after each trip, you should be doing the same for the interior. Leave no corner untouched! All floors, cabinets, sinks, bathrooms, countertops, and everything else should get a good wipe down. When cleaning your Airstream bathroom, make sure not to flush any cleaning wipes down the toilet as only waste products should be flushed.

On another note, if your Airstream has interior aluminum walls, use the same sanitizing products but finish off with a shining polish like pledge. The key here is to wipe with the grain, not against in order to avoid scratches.

Besides wiping things down, it is always good practice to sweep and mop to keep your floors squeaky clean. We also recommend keeping things tidy and put away, washing any sheets or towels, and making sure all dishes are done. The more you clean and maintain, the less hassle in the future.

Preventing Repairs Through General Maintenance Checks

Besides general upkeep and cleaning, a regular maintenance schedule is necessary to keep your Airstream running smoothly. The official Airstream website lists out what you need to do but we have it broken down for you here:

  • Check every 1,000 miles or 60 days
    • Escape Window
    • Battery
    • Smoke Alarm and CO Detector
    • Tires
    • Hitch
    • GFI Circuit Breaker
  • Check every 5,000 miles or 90 days
    • Main Door Latch
    • Exterior Door Locks
    • Exterior Hinges
    • LPG Hold-Down
    • LPG Regulator
    • Wheel Lug Nuts
    • Breakaway Switch
    • 7-Way Plug
    • Hitch Ball
    • Range Exhaust Hood
    • Main Door Step
  • Check every 10,000 miles or 6 months
    • Brakes
    • Nev-R-Lube
    • Tires
    • Spare Tire Carrier
    • Windows, and Door Seals
    • Exterior
    • Escape Window
  • Yearly Maintenance
    • Seams
    • Hitch Coupler and Ball
    • Interior Cabinetry

Also, always check your owners manual for even more details!

What To Do For Airstream Repairs

Airstream RV repairs are best done by professionals that have experience working with these spectacular vehicles. The list we shared above about airstream maintenance is a lot for the average person to successfully run through. So while we encourage you to do your own checks, it’s important to have professionals do a maintenance check as well! You wouldn’t want to miss something or incorrectly take care of a repair since that would mean less traveling in your Airstream and you paying more in the long run! Luckily for you, KA RV Repair in DeBary, Florida services all Airstream recreational vehicles! Here is a breakdown of our services:

  • Airstream Aluminum Fabrication and Repair
  • Airstream Axle Replacement
  • Airstream General Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance
  • Airstream Collision Repairs
  •  Airstream Floor Repair and Replacement
  • Airstream Sanitizing and Disinfection

Learn more about KA RV and contact us to get your Airstream serviced the right way!