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Why It Pays to Buy A Used RV

Jul 1, 2022 | RV Sales

If you’re on the market to find your next RV, there’s one question you’ll have to answer first. Do you want to buy new or buy a used RV? This question will direct your entire search going forward. While buying a used RV may feel overwhelming to some, we’re here to break down why it could actually be the best choice you make for your RV adventures.

Knowing When to Buy A Used RV Instead of New

As a used RV dealership near Orlando, Florida, we know used RVs. We also know how much they can truly impact RVing experiences for the better! Not only can they offer huge savings on the initial sticker price vs. a new RV, there are also many other ways it pays to buy a used RV. We’ll break down all the perks.

When you buy a used RV, you can enjoy the RV life at a lower price point. This Class C RV is parked in front of snow capped mountains.

Avoid Depreciation

The first and arguably most important reason to buy a used RV is to avoid the depreciation on the price tag of a new one. Camper Report notes that notes that a new RV can depreciate around 20% as soon as it drives off the lot! The depreciation of the vehicle is much less in the subsequent years, so buying used allows you to let someone else take the initial depreciation hit so your RV holds its value better over the years to come.

Savings on Insurance and Registration Too

Not only is the initial cost of the RV less, but you’ll also pay less for insurance and registration when you buy a used RV! Many people don’t consider this extra cost when they go shopping for an RV. But if you’re searching for a used rig, you don’t have to worry about it as much. Insurance and registration rates tend to go lower as the vehicle ages, so if you aren’t registering a new vehicle, it will be cheaper. Call around to find the lowest rates for the RV you’re purchasing.

Easier Entry Point To RVing

If you’re jumping into the RV world for the very first time, it can be overwhelming to make a big investment on your first RV. Opting for a used rig instead of new makes it easier to enter the RV world for the first time. It makes RVing more accessible. You may not be sure if you want to commit to a travel trailer or a fifth wheel, but buying used means you don’t have to spend as much to get started and you can change your mind down the road if you want to sell and buy something different. (And KA RV Repair & Sales can help you consign your RV when you do!)

More Value

While you may not be able to afford Class A RVing if you buy new, opting to buy a used Class A can make it more affordable. Essentially, you’re getting more for your money when you buy a used RV. For the same amount of money spent, you’re getting a lot more RV when you buy a used RV versus buying new.

An RV drives around a wooded corner. You can buy a used RV in central Florida at KA RV Repair.

More Meaningful Passing of the Torch

While this point isn’t necessarily about money, it is about the sentimental value of your big purchase. Instead of buying new off the RV dealership lot, opting for a pre-owned RV means you get to embark on a new chapter of adventures in your RV. The family who adventured with the RV before you made memories in your RV, and now it’s your turn. It’s more of a passing of the torch that adds meaning to your RV purchase.

Reliable Inspections When You Buy a Used RV at KA RV Repair & Sales

When you buy a used RV, it’s important to know the RV is reliable and up-to-date on repairs. Finding your used RV near Orlando at KA RV Repair & Sales means you don’t have to worry about this part one bit! Our RV consignments go through 45-point inspections with our stellar service department so you know exactly what you’re getting. Avoid getting hit with extra repair costs by purchasing your rig with a used RV dealership that knows how to identify issues and take care of them.

Find the perfect used RV for sale at KA RV

Now that you know how much it pays to buy a used RV, it’s time to get your search started. Find the perfect used RV for sale from our curated selection of consigned RVs in central Florida!

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