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Fan Favorite RV Dealer in Orlando Sponsors College Football Bowl Game

Dec 31, 2023 | Blog

As a dedicated RV dealer in Orlando, it’s important to us to be active participants in our local community. So, this year, we sponsored the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl in Orlando, a college football spectacle with a noble cause. Our involvement wasn’t just about supporting a thrilling matchup between Appalachian State and Miami of Ohio; it was a heartfelt effort to welcome visitors to our vibrant area. At KA RV, we believe in the spirit of travel, and what better way to encourage it than by supporting an event that brings enthusiasts to the heart of Florida? Take a look back at our exciting experience at the Cure Bowl, where we not only celebrated football but also connected with fans. It’s always an honor to share the joy of RVing and the convenience of our dealership just a stone’s throw away from Orlando!

The Cure Bowl’s Meaningful Mission

The Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl isn’t just another football game. It’s a beacon of hope in the fight against breast cancer. This annual college football event has graced Orlando since its inaugural kick-off in 2015, and its significance extends far beyond the touchdowns and cheers. The game serves as a powerful platform to promote awareness and fund research for breast cancer, with all proceeds directed towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With a history rooted in altruism and a commitment to making a real impact, the Cure Bowl has become a significant and cherished event in Orlando, embodying the city’s spirit of giving and resilience.

This year’s game featured a matchup between Appalachian State University and Miami University in Ohio. Despite the rainy weather casting a drizzle over FBC Mortgage Stadium, the gridiron showdown between these two formidable teams was nothing short of spectacular. The weather may have added an extra layer of challenge, but it also brought an undeniable element of drama to the game. In a hard-fought battle under the Orlando sky, App State emerged victorious with a final score of 13-9, etching their name into Cure Bowl history.

So what was an RV dealer in Orlando doing at the Cure Bowl?

Connecting with fans of course! Our staff brought the spirit of RVing right to the heart of the Cure Bowl festivities. As official sponsors of the event, we parked our RV outside FBC Mortgage Stadium to provide a warm welcome to football fans from across the country – and a welcome shelter from the rain! As attendees streamed into the stadium, our cozy RV stood as a respite from the weather, offering a warm and dry space for visiting fans to explore. We opened our doors to share the joys of RV life, providing tours and engaging in conversations about the unique experiences that come with traveling in an RV.

Football culture and RVing go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the beloved tradition of tailgating. Our interactions centered around the shared love for making memories, not just during football season, but throughout the entire year. As a token of appreciation, we handed out KA RV hats, extending a warm welcome to visitors to our area. Despite the rain, attendees eagerly explored our RVs and the new horse vans we proudly manufacture. The energy and camaraderie shared during these interactions mirrored the passion for football and a shared commitment to community well-being.

Central Florida: A Haven for Travelers and RV Enthusiasts

This event was one of many that brings thousands of travelers to our area in central Florida. We treasured the opportunity to be part of an iconic event drawing visitors to our area. It was important to represent our community as their favorite RV dealer in Orlando, located just a half-hour northwest of the stadium in DeBary, Florida. Our dealership serves as a gateway to a region rich in adventure, excitement, and natural beauty.

Central Florida isn’t just a destination; it’s a haven for travelers seeking the perfect blend of outdoor escapades, theme park thrills, and scenic landscapes. Whether you’re attending a college football bowl game in Orlando, immersing yourself in the magic of Kissimmee, enjoying the serenity of Lake Mary, or discovering the hidden gems in Deltona and Casselberry, our conveniently located dealership ensures that your RV adventures in central Florida begin with ease. As the go-to RV dealer in Orlando’s vibrant vicinity, KA RV Repair & Sales stands ready to be your trusted partner in exploration. Not only do we offer a fleet of exceptional RVs for sale, but we also provide expert RV repair and service to make your Central Florida adventures truly unforgettable!

A Triumph Beyond the Touchdowns

The Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl transcended the realm of a mere football game, evolving into an inspiring spectacle of sportsmanship, community support, and a collective dedication to the fight against breast cancer. KA RV Repair & Sales stood at the forefront of this impactful event, contributing not just as a sponsor but as a passionate advocate for the spirit of RVing and the communal bonds it fosters. As we showcased our array of exceptional RVs and engaged with fans under the rain-soaked skies, a profound sense of camaraderie emerged, proving that the spirit of community prevails, rain or shine.

As we look back on our participation in the Cure Bowl, we’re not just recalling a football game. We’re reminiscing about a shared experience that resonated with the very essence of what KA RV Repair & Sales stands for: community, camaraderie, and the joy of RVing. Whether rain or shine, in the world of RV exploration, the spirit of togetherness always emerges victorious.

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