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KA RV Is Now Manufacturing Horse Vans

Jan 30, 2024 | Blog

For years, KA RV Repair & Sales has been synonymous with expert RV repairs. We specialize in comprehensive overhauls that often involve rebuilding entire sections of damaged vehicles. With an unparalleled understanding of every facet of RV construction, we’ve honed our expertise to perfection. Now, we’re taking that proficiency to the next level with our brand new partnership with Horse Vans. Not only will we be fixing RVs now, we’ll be building them.

Lately, we’ve made an effort to be more deeply involved in our surrounding community – like sponsoring a college football bowl game in Orlando! Our location in DeBary, Florida, puts us in the heart of Florida’s horse country, so naturally a partnership in the equine world just makes sense. In fact, we’re just down the road from the Horse Capital of the World, Ocala, where our newest partner is located. Horse Vans is a veteran-owned company dedicated to providing bespoke horse transportation solutions. Traditionally, horses have been transported in trailers towed by trucks, offering basic amenities and limited comfort. But Horse Vans set out to elevate the equine travel experience to unprecedented levels of luxury and safety. To do so, they needed an RV manufacturer that knew how to customize RVs, and KA RV was the perfect fit.

Together, we’re revolutionizing equine transport. Leveraging our technical experience with RV construction, Horse Vans is redefining the way horses travel. Welcome to a new era in equine transport, where innovation meets craftsmanship.

One of our custom horse vans on a horse farm

About Horse Vans

Founded by a passionate team of equestrian enthusiasts, Horse Vans sets the industry standard for luxury horse transportation. These unique vans are crafted with a deep understanding of horses’ needs. They prioritize comfort, safety, and convenience in every aspect of their design. From climate-controlled interiors to advanced monitoring systems, their vans offer a level of sophistication unmatched in equine transport. Horse Vans delivers not just transportation, but a premium experience for both horses and their owners. You’re not just getting a generic vehicle – each van is custom made. Thanks to the partnership with KA RV, the vans are meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients. Through innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Horse Vans continues to redefine the standards of equine transportation. Together, we’re setting new benchmarks for quality and luxury in the industry.

How do I order a custom horse van?

Ordering a custom horse van is a seamless process designed to cater to each client’s unique preferences and requirements. You can explore all the customization options in detail on the Horse Vans order form, but we’ll summarize a few here.

Chassis Options

First, you’ll choose your preferred vehicle. KA RV can build Horse Vans on 3 different chassis options.


Equipped with a powerful gas engine, this chassis provides robust performance and value. Available in front wheel drive only, this option starts at $137,000.00.

Ford Transit 350 HD Eco Boost

Also powered by a gas engine, this option offers versatility and agility, suitable for navigating diverse terrains with ease. These can be built with rear or all-wheel drive depending on your needs. This option starts at $145,000.00.

Mercedes Sprinter 3500XD

This chassis boasts a diesel engine and exudes elegance and sophistication. Also available in rear or all-wheel drive, this option starts at $163,000.00.

Exterior Options

Once you’ve chosen the base, you’re on to customizing the rest of your horse van. You select your desired paint color from their extensive chart or provide a specific paint code for customization. Additionally, you can choose a gloss or matte finish. You can further customize the exterior by choosing your rim color and rim paint finish.

Interior Options

There are plenty of interior customization options as well. You choose both your leather color and the color of the vinyl trim inside. Then, personalize your van by choosing from a variety of upgrades and exclusive features to enhance your equine travel experience. From state-of-the-art climate control systems and advanced monitoring technology to premium interior finishes and bespoke design elements, the options are endless. Additional upgrades may include interior LED lighting, premium audiovisual systems, a 5G hotspot, custom cabinetry and storage solutions and more. Whatever your preferences or requirements may be, Horse Vans and KA RV are committed to working closely with you to incorporate these upgrades seamlessly.

What if I want to start with a base package?

Feeling overwhelmed with the customization options? There are 5 base packages you can build off of!

Bronze Package

With seating for two people and the capacity to transport up to two 17-hand horses, these horse vans prioritize functionality and comfort. Standout features include a luxury-stitched interior, back-up and horse cabin cameras, a large ramp for easy access, and a changing room with stitched upholstery. Multi-colored LED interior lights and cabin sunroof ventilation enhance the ambiance, while the tack room provides convenient storage for saddles and bridles. The Bronze Package strikes the perfect balance between affordability and essential amenities, making it an excellent choice for horse owners looking for a reliable and stylish transport solution without compromising on quality.

Silver Package

These horse vans also offer seating for two persons and the ability to transport up to two 17-hand horses. Notable upgrades include two large ramps for added convenience, an open tack room with bench seating, and exterior paint color customization. The inclusion of cabin tinted windows and metal bars for window protection ensures both style and security. With features like multi-colored LED interior lights, cabin sunroof ventilation, and advanced camera monitoring, the Silver Package elevates the equine travel experience to new heights of luxury and convenience. It’s ideal for discerning horse owners seeking premium amenities and superior craftsmanship.

Gold Package

These horse vans up the ante on luxury and sophistication. It can accommodate up to three people and transport up to two 17-hand horses. One standout feature of the Gold Package is the inclusion of horse cabin and tack room air conditioning and heating, ensuring optimal climate control for both horses and passengers. Additionally, amenities such as a sink with fresh water, a stove top, and a mini-fridge mean you can stay longer when you travel with your horses. The Gold Package also includes an RV 30 amp power hookup, providing access to electricity for extended journeys. It’s the ideal choice for discerning horse owners seeking a high-end travel experience for themselves and their equine companions.

Platinum Package

These horse vans are the ultimate solution in luxury equine transport. It too accommodates up to two people and transport up to two 17-hand horses, but it also offers unmatched convenience for extended stays. This top-tier package includes lithium batteries to run A/C for 8 hours, ensuring uninterrupted comfort for horses and passengers during extended journeys. Furthermore, the addition of solar power panels and RV internet connectivity offers enhanced convenience and versatility, allowing for off-grid travel and connectivity on the go. With its premium features and state-of-the-art technology, the Platinum Package represents the epitome of luxury and innovation in equine transportation.

Miniature Horse Package

These horse vans offer specialized features designed to meet the unique needs of smaller equine companions. With seating for two or three persons and the capacity to transport up to 3-4 miniature horses, this package provides a compact yet efficient solution for transporting miniature equines. Key features include a medium ramp with two overhead doors for easy loading and unloading, as well as a spacious tack room and adjustable horse separator panel to accommodate miniature horses comfortably. Additionally, this package offers all the standard amenities found in other packages, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience for both horses and passengers.

The rear of one of our custom Horse Vans on grass with rolling hills in the background.
A view out the back of one of our horse vans.

Next steps

Once you’ve finalized your selections, a down payment of between 35-50% of the total purchase price secures your order. From there, we get to work crafting your bespoke horse van to your exact specifications. Once construction is complete, we’ll request final payment along with providing photos of your custom-built horse van. After completing the payment, your bespoke horse van will be delivered to your preferred location within the U.S. via flatbed truck. Next up, adventures with your horses!

Get started customizing your horse van today!

The journey toward your dream custom horse van awaits. At KA RV Repair & Sales, we’re thrilled to embark on this adventure with you, crafting bespoke horse vans that perfectly align with your needs and preferences. With our partnership with Horse Vans, the possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to bring your vision to life! Get started today, and let our partnership transform your equine transportation experience into one of unparalleled luxury, comfort, and safety.

KA RV Can Do It All!

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