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KA RV Leak Detection and Repair In Florida

Inspections, Repairs, and Maintenance for Your RV

We fix the leak right the first time, EVERYTIME!

Save time, money and stress with preventative RV leak maintenance! At KA RV, our SEALTECH RV leak tester helps us find and fix leaks in your RV – even leaks that aren’t visible during a normal inspection. The SEALTECH 430 is a simple solution that ensures your RV is rainproof and ready to camp.

SEALTECH uses airflow and pressure to help find leaks in your RV. The machine is connected to your RV via the roof vent and draws air into the unit from the outside, which creates positive interior pressure. As the SEALTECH increases pressure inside your RV, air flows out through any leaks, cracks or other faults in the exterior. Soapy water is then sprayed on your RV exterior, which creates bubbles where the air flows from. This makes it easy to spot potential leaks. Even minor cracks or openings will create bubbles. Our service team can then re-seal these spots and ensure that no rainwater will enter your RV!

The SEALTECH 430’s preventative maintenance method helps our team fix leaks before rainwater has the chance to do significant damage to your RV. Save money and spend more time enjoying your RV. Schedule your RV inspection or service at KA RV!

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